Eitor’s Guide: Product iteration is an important practical method for user growth, and requirements are continuously refine through user feedback. UK Phone Number So,  how to iterate well to promote user growth? The author of this article will start from practical cases and analyze this, hoping to help you. Some time ago, I temporarily supported the work of mutual aid business products in our factory. This is an S-level project in our factory. It is a business that the big boss must do. UK Phone Number The specifications are high, because this is a product form that has been verified to gather a large number of users. Product value, social value, and, of course, potential commercial value.

Just Like Strategies Are Playd UK Phone Number

As can be seen from the WIKI document structure of the previous project, this is a high-profile project, and detailed analysis and planning have  UK Phone Number been done in the early stage from the market to the product to the operation. Just like strategies are playd out. For Internet practitioners. The  way to improve their abilities is to play them with real swords and guns in high-standard battlefields. The first two years were mainly in the scene business. UK Phone Number Scenario business is different from marketing transformation. It examines user insights, commercial product design, and resource integration. Mutual assistance business is a typical 2C business. In the early stage, the main test is the user growth capability of the product.

Regarding User Growth, Many UK Phone Number

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Regarding user growth, many years ago, NetEase did a lot of related work, such as optimizing login methods, product detail pages, UK Phone Number minimalist transaction processes, coupon marketing, and more. In the past. The user growth was done through the collaboration of product and operation promotion. The emergence of the position of product manager for user growth is another requirement that demand determines supply. Just like I used to learn how to correctly learn UK Phone Number “Yu Jun products” The Methodology states: The first product manager in history originated from Procter & Gamble in 1927.



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