The World Tourism Organization announced that by the end of this year we would witness a rebound in leisure and leisure travel globally. Although some Estonia Email List countries have noticed this growth in the number of tourist arrivals to their resorts and recreation centers more than others, what does seem evident is that people are eager to pack their bags and travel again. In this same sense, a Global Web Index study on the sector showed the average Estonia Email List profile of Spanish tourists after the outbreak of the pandemic. This is a person between 35 and 44 years old, who lives in urban areas, enjoys regular vacations, whether short or long, is married, has a family and uses a Estonia Email List mobile phone in a general way to access the Internet.

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Julieta López de Jorge joins Hadoq as Estonia Email List Sales Manager & Marketing Strategist to consolidate the growth of the digital agency , which in the last year has become a reference in digital strategy in the Spanish market, with international recognition such as the Napolitan Award for make the best political website of the year in the Ibero-American environment. IKEA invites its members of the IKEA Family club to discover how their relationship with the brand has been these 25 years. The Estonia Email List action takes place in a landing , open to the general public, where you can see the total data of all the members that make up the IKEA Family club. In addition, in the newsletter that the members receive, each one can find out curious facts about their own history with the brand in these Estonia Email List years: the kilometers they have traveled in stores, the hours they have spent assembling furniture or the Swedish delicacies they have consumed. .

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In addition, they will have Estonia Email List access to the IKEA Family Walk of Fame where they can learn epic stories of 5 partners who have broken records in stores.The chosen clients have the most unusual anecdotes that have occurred in the establishments: Rubén from Vizcaya receives recognition for consuming 264 hot dogs , Jaione from Pamplona for buying 209 FEJKA plant , Silvia Estonia Email List from Madrid for buying 1,680 RIBBA marks , Francisco Javier from Castellón for buy 315 BILLY and Moisés de Vizcaya bookstores for making 751 visits to the establishments.

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