So you have a big promotion planned, and you want to advertise it with Google Ads.

What’s the best way to do it?

For many advertisers, the one (and only) thing they’ll do is update the headline and/or body copy of their ads to draw attention to the sale.

But that’s not the only Pakistan Mobile Number way — or even sometimes the best way — to promote special promotion events.

As the name suggests, promotion extensions are specifically designed to promote special sale events, but they’re often overlooked and undervalued by advertisers.

In this article, I’ll explore the value of promotion extensions and describe how you can use them to get more clicks and conversions – and even include some original research findings.

The Power of Promotion Extensions

Promotion extensions have some real advantages over merely updating ad headlines and body copy with promotional content.

When you add a promotion extension to an ad, you gain a little bit of extra real estate at the Pakistan Mobile Number bottom of your ad.

It is little. But every little bit counts on SERPs.

Here’s an example from Brooklinen, with the promotion extension circled in red:

As you can see, the promotion extension gives this ad a little more visual weight.

Having that promotion extension at the bottom of your ad can also help visually differentiate your ad from the competition.

This can give you an edge during competitive promotional events, such as Black Friday – and even most weekends.

Conversion Rates Are Higher for Ads With Promotion Extensions

Pakistan Mobile Number
Pakistan Mobile Number

We recently analyzed ad campaigns for two clients to see where people were clicking to convert.

Here’s what we found:

Client A:

Conversion rates from promotion extension: 13.02%
Conversion rates from sitelink extension: 4.06%
Conversion rates from headline and body copy: 3.66%

As you can see, conversion Pakistan Mobile Number rates from clicks on ads with promotion extensions were 12.36% higher than ads without the promotion extensions. That’s a lot!

Client B: 

Conversion rates from promotion extension: 5.37%
Conversion rates from sitelink extension: 1.99%
Conversion rates from headline and body copy: 1.90%

Promotion extensions performed better here too, converting 3.47% more than headline and body copy clicks.

We took our analysis even further, to see how ads with promotional content performed when compared to those without.

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