Marketers often devote their efforts, resources, and budget to developing ebooks just to move on after the landing page is published. Your ebook could be a game-changing, content marketing award-winning, major movie-produced piece, but without promotions, no one clicks, downloads, reads, or even it. You can’t see.

Ebook promotion isn’t just about creating landing pages, tweeting links, and emailing customers. These are classic moves, much like turkeys and dressings at Thanksgiving dinners.

According to @amandalnelson, ebook promotions aren’t limited to landing pages, tweeted links, and customer emails. Click to tweet

A good ebook promotion affects every stage of the sales funnel and requires the involvement of multiple teams within the organization. A collaborative and systematic approach to ebook promotion not only creates leads, but also catches the eye of your best prospects.

The appearance is as follows.


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Top promotion of goal achievement process

The top-level efforts in the goal-achieving process will probably throw a wide net. You know some information about this audience so that you can accurately target it, but you don’t know them, but you know your best customers. Therefore, this is Canada Mobile Number the place to slice and diced your promotion the most. People digest content in different ways. The more you chop it up and share it, the more ebook topics you will create.

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Try these tactics and make sure your ebook is always an action phrase.

In the first place Turn each chapter into a corporate blog post. Record someone on the team reading the ebook and launch it as an audiobook.

  • Run a webinar with the author, featured sort leader, or brand.
  • Create infographics using ebook tips, tips, or citations.
  • Tweet quotes, statistics, or tips from ebooks.
  • Host a Twitter chat on this topic.
  • Post snaps and Instagram stories with featured quotes and tips.
  • Contact influencers and ask them to share (we provide an exclusive sneak preview for more exposure and buzz).
  • Create a guest blog post for a site that covers a topic.
  • Include your eBook in two or three places on your website, such as your home page, resource section, customer login page, or sidebar callout.
  • Please change it to a printed book and distribute it at conferences and booth exhibitions.
  • Create email and phone scripts / summaries for ebooks for cold outreach by sales or business developers.

Top of the Goal Achievement Process # For e-book promotions, turn each chapter into a blog post, says @amandalnelson. Click to tweet

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Promotions during the goal-achieving process


If you’re creating an ebook for thought leadership, the top of the goal-achieving process, you might think that promotional activities stop at the top of the goal-achieving process. it’s not. Other departments and audiences can benefit from your ebooks, which ultimately leads to your organization’s income, which should be your ultimate goal.

The middle of the goal-achieving process is a place to reach out to existing prospects and get closer to sales. This is probably the hardest part of a marketer’s job. With good content and strong reach, it’s not difficult to get new leads in your database. All you need to start the process is a simple download. However, more work is required to commit these leads to a demo or free trial. Your ebook will be useful.


Your ebook can get leads for committing to demos and free trials, says @amandalnelson. Click to tweet

Consider ideas in between these goal-achieving processes.

  • Incorporate ebooks into your upbringing program or drip campaign.
  • Share on your organization’s forums or community sites.
  • Create content packs for existing prospects, such as case studies, ebooks, and a single sheet.
  • Include ebooks in your newsletter.
  • We provide ebooks to our employees in a variety of ways to make it easier to access and share, such as:
  • Post or file to team collaboration platform
  • Link to landing page
  • Provides a direct link to the ebook (eg full page or PDF link after form)
  • Content library shelves
  • Click to tweet and click to share on LinkedIn



  • As a matter of fact Ask the partner to send it to a sharing partner or network.
  • Print it out and include it in your customer and prospect care packages.
  • Enter your ebook into the marketing contest.
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Promotion at the bottom of the goal achievement process

At the bottom of the goal-achieving process is where sales take the lead. Imagine a funnel as a road. You are driving it Marketers are in the driver’s seat at the top and center of the goal-achieving process. She manages content, messages, promotional approaches and more. When you reach the bottom of the goal-achieving process, your sales reps grab the handle. The sales person is in charge of closing the transaction. However, instead of jumping out of the car, you get in the back seat. You can still help, and that ebook is your admission ticket. Here are some ideas for supporting the lowest promotion in the goal-achieving process:


Attach the ebook to the First Call presentation deck.

  • Use it to develop email or phone scripts and templates for reaching out to existing prospects.
  • Print it out and give it to your sales representative as a takeaway or leave for the meeting.

Don’t be overwhelmed – Think of this post as a tapas menu where you can choose and choose the tactics that suit you. When you promote an ebook, you can quickly see what works (and what doesn’t). From there, you can focus and focus on successful tactics. Soon, you’ll have a well-oiled machine to not only create great ebooks, but also publish them for people all over the world to see and eat.


As a matter of fact Consider promotional options for your ebook, such as tapas menus. For @amandalnelson, choose which tactic is effective. Click to tweet

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We follow Amanda’s advice. From the essentials of a documented content marketing strategy to digital governance: an introductory book for content marketers , check out the wealth of content marketing resources in the Content Marketing Institute’s e-book library .

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