The revenue model then shifts from paying for content by readers to offering customer insights for online campaigns. 2. Supply-Driven Business Model Canvas Targeted product innovation can give you an edge over your Cambodia WhatsApp Number List competitor. This is an example of the so-called Blue Ocean Strategy, in which the sea is calm and blue with more than enough fish.

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There are no competitors (sharks) yet that take off with the loot and turn seared. In short, fundamental differentiation through innovation. Example: Car manufacturer Lightyear incorporates solar panels in the roof so that charging. A plug is no longer necessary and battery capacity. Customer-driven Business Model Canvas If a new (urgent) customer needs discover existing products or even new forms of service.

Cambodia WhatsApp Number List
Cambodia WhatsApp Number List

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The innovations are often less radical than with a supply-driven innovation at the BMC. But more radical than with a resource-driven innovation, because this involves responding to new customer needs that a product or service must meet. Example: Dopper takes the frustration out of customers about disposable bottles and develops a cleaner and more stylish initiative for it.

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