They don’t feel the need to watch their work. But where things break down and I feel I confess very uncomfortable is when photographers who regularly engage me in criticizing their work have other coaches and I don’t mean friends and relatives but teachers and photographers with whom I and my views we have nothing in common. And here I come to the crucial question. How does one choose another judge For me only two reasons apply.

The second is not such a strong reason

Either you know him and appreciate him Clipping Path Service through lectures discussions seminars articles and books or you don’t know him but you know and appreciate his work. The second is not such a strong reason and usually ends in disappointments but nevertheless remains perfectly acceptable and reasonable. At least for the first time. But I have come to hear from sympathetic friends and students of mine that they submitted their work for judgment to people whose work they not only did not know but not even their names.

Clipping Path Service

I accepted to be such a third party

How should I feel long before I think about India Lead how I should react when they show me their work at the same time Please note that in my photographic life I have never shown my work indiscriminately to third parties nor have I accepted to be such a third party. Every day I see and judge photographs not sitting impersonally at a critique counter but in dialogue with students and friends. In America years ago and I was still a beginner I met many well known photographers but I only showed my work to Winogrand and a completely unknown to the general public but a remarkable young teacher whom I had appreciated.

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