It works even better because Erik Scherder is a credible authority – who also shares credible information. If it were a random, unknown professor, you would soon think that it was an actor playing the professor. 12. Sympathy is stimulating And then that authority is also sympathetic. At least, we assume that most people think Estonia WhatsApp Number List Erik Scherder is a nice man.

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And we’re more likely to agree with people we like, according to Cialdini’s liking-influence principle. We are more likely to like people if they (a) resemble us or share traits with them, (b) complement us, and (c) work with us to achieve a common goal. Erik Scherder probably doesn’t have anything in common with all app users, but he does compliment each of us and help us achieve our daily goals.

Estonia WhatsApp Number List
Estonia WhatsApp Number List

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If I don’t take a detour, I’ll drop in the rankings More than winning, man hates losing. Israeli psychologist Daniel Kahneman is the founder of research. This phenomenon is called loss aversion. It is evolutionarily determined to stay alive as humans. The loss of food posed an important threat.

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