Introduce a practical method: branching method. This method El Salvador WhatsApp Number List is to continuously split and summarize categories, and the purpose to establish a suitable organizational system , rather than the so-called perfect organizational system.

Specific operations (in actual operation, cards can be used):

  • categorize the things to be organized;
  • When a category contains too many, it is divided into smaller categories;
  • Merge similar categories;
  • When it cannot be classified, consider whether to create a new class.

2.2.6 Excessive pursuit of “perfect” plans

Many times we waste too much El Salvador WhatsApp Number List time in pursuit of the so-called “perfect plan”. Planning itself is good, but “perfect plan” is impossible. A more efficient way is to do it with the idea of ​​”agile iteration”, make a rough framework plan, run small steps. Get feedback in action, and iterate quickly.

2.2.7 The problem stuck and consumes too many resources

It is normal to temporarily stumped by a problem while working or studying. If you can’t take effective methods, you will “stuck” and consume too many attention resources.

The following concepts and methods can referred to:

El Salvador WhatsApp Number List
El Salvador WhatsApp Number List
  • This design is that douyin can capture one of the cores of the user’s time. When talking about a bad product, the brain stopped. For a while (the usual accumulation is still not enough. And then took wechat as an example. I think the bad point of wechat is that when the number of people in the group. Chat is too small, the invitation to join. The group does not require the invitee to confirm. This will cause users to pulled into some. Marketing groups inexplicably sometimes. Causing confusion to users.
  • Write down your thoughts: When your thoughts are unclear, try to write all your thoughts out, or draw them on the whiteboard, and then keep sorting, correcting, summarizing, and finally getting closer to a better answer. The essence of this method is to free up the brain’s “running memory” and use the saved brain power to do more important things.
  • Solve problems through experimentation: When solving problems, learn to experiment (practice) to continually find more reasonable solutions. When you encounter problems in performing tasks, find a practical method book about the field, use the experience of others to practice directly, and then optimize the solution based on the feedback of the test results, so as to solve the problem better.

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