The function of the product itself. I love the Peloton case for example. Peloton, for those who don’t know it, is an exercise bike connected to a screen where you can do spinning classes, races with your friends, or routes along some of the most iconic roads in the world. A perfect answer to the question of how to improve the product experience of an exercise bike. It looks like a completely different thing, but it is “just” an exercise bike. A product that already existed but with an added layer of experience that completely redefines it. Peloton is a brand that meets what, for us at Summa, are the four dimensions that every brand should have. A well-defined identity with a powerful purpose , an important brand experience for people, a community that is interested and grows around our contributions.

An innovative ambition that gradually adapts

An innovative ambition that gradually adapts consumer projections to the brand experience. From consumers to users But it’s important to know that brand Photo Background Removing communities, which are one of your main assets, rarely arise spontaneously. Think of Vans, Yogi Tea or Peloton, mentioned here. Or in the coffee brand that doesn’t exist that fills your phone with inspiration when you put them together. It is almost always a brand with a well-defined purpose, which innovates to offer brand experiences that become important in people’s lives. And going back to the beginning, that generosity, that ambition of some brands to offer important things to their consumers , reminds me a lot of the same energy of writers or music groups to do things that are worthwhile for their followers.

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By the way I just called them consumers

By the way, I just called them consumers, but if you call your consumers “users”, it will be much easier for you to imagine them using your brand India Lead through various experiences, instead of simply buying it. Visual codes: navigating the information is up to them Pablo Amade Visual codes: navigating the information is up to them Posted on April 8, 2021 Since the beginning of civilization, visual codes have been in charge of making our lives easier. To make faster and more accurate decisions. They are those elements, sometimes more intangible than tangible, that allow us to decode the world around us, navigate through all the available information. In ancient times, the visual codes were what told us if the person in front of us was a warrior or a monk. If he came in peace or had to run away.

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