Editor’s introduction: Product design often needs to take into account various scenarios. So how to design to be as “exclusive” as possible? The author Belize Phone Number of this article takes the splitting and merging of orders as an example. Summarizes a picture, talks about his thinking for us. And sees how the ordr can be mad as reasonable and convenient as possible. Many product solutions will be considre more in combination with the actual situation in the process of implementation. And it is unlikely to cover everything. If all Belize Phone Number relevant scenarios are considered, how should they be designed? How to bring stronger generality and scalability to the product? Let’s talk about the individual’s thinking about the.

Front Desk Split Orders Belize Phone Number

Whole scene in combination with the splitting and merging of the order fulfillment process: on the one hand, I found that many people are not comprehensive enough Belize Phone Number when considering this aspect; Split” and “Order Consolidation”. The purpose of this article is to clarify the splitting and merging of orders through a simple diagram. The transaction subject here refers to various merchants on the platform, and they will have various transaction behaviors with consumers. Therefore, there are two types of order splitting methods: splitting Belize Phone Number orders by different transaction entities (splitting orders at the front desk) and splitting orders by a single transaction entity (splitting invoices in the background).

Cart Split Belize Phone Number

Belize Phone Number

Front desk: front-end sales platforms such as Taobao, JD.com, Ele.me, and Meituan Takeaway; Backstage: The general term for various systems that support the frontend, Belize Phone Number and the core part of dismantling orders is in the warehousing-related links. 1. Split orders for different transaction entities: front desk split orders When consumers trade with different transaction entities, different transaction entities generate different orders, and each transaction entity has an independent order number. At this point, each order will correspond to a Belize Phone Number delivery order (which can be understood as a logistics order, but not necessarily the logistics order number you received from the express delivery), that is, the corresponding relationship is 1:1. When different transaction entities split orders.



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