She couldn’t take it anymore, but Brazil WhatsApp Number List she didn’t make any achievements. And she didn’t know if she should ask the boss for someone. The final result is that other projects are split to others, and she specializes in the most important revenue-generating project. After the model is verified, she can be considered for adding someone.

The problem she encountered was that the project she was in charge of was the most important project for the team. As we all know, the project is also very difficult. After reporting to the boss, the boss decided to do it, and the specified time must be launched, but it just didn’t give people or input. resource.

After learning about her situation,

I find it very strange. The project Brazil WhatsApp Number List direction is the KPI direction of the boss, and the boss also believes that it must be done, but why is he unwilling to invest resources?

I analyzed, is it because the boss doesn’t trust her enough and wants her to explore and verify the model first? That shouldn’t be the case. The boss will not put someone he doesn’t trust to do the direction of his most urgent KPI. If she can’t verify it in the end, the boss will not be able to recover this time. Later, after a detailed discussion, I found out that it may be that the rhythm and method of reporting work and fighting for resources to her boss were wrong.

I would like to share with you my view on work – you should have an entrepreneurial attitude towards your work, but you should have the professional way of a professional manager when dealing with people and things.

Where is the problem?

Brazil WhatsApp Number List
Brazil WhatsApp Number List

The problem is that she and her resource side (boss) did not communicate well and align and strive for resources.

How should I put it, my friend, her work attitude and enthusiasm are unquestionable. Her commitment is very high, all kinds of research and planning are hands-on. Meticulous, and her business ability is also very strong, otherwise she will not be able to reach P6. In recent months, there has been almost no vacation. And when she asks her out on weekends, she always says that she needs. To sort out her work and make plans. I believe that she has sorted it out very clearly. And has very detailed and complete research, planning and progress control.

However, what she has done may be limited to her, and now including me, no one else knows about this process, and no one is going to help her. The success or failure of the project will ultimately depend entirely on her own business level and resource coordination ability.

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