Viruses, volcanoes, excessive bills, more viruses, supply crises, snowfalls that collapse cities … and the metaverse, what we Angola Email List were missing! 2021 has achieved something that nobody expected: to become a more unusual year than 2020.With so many disasters and adversities we all need an escape valve, a method of relaxation that helps us turn the page, leaving Angola Email List behind the misfortunes of 2021. And the answer lies in the polvorones: is there anything more stressful than squeezing them hard, crushing them and put those delicious Angola Email List sweets in your mouth?


Observatory of New Leadership of the company

Polvorones Antiestrés is the Manifesto Angola Email List agency’s Christmas greeting to say goodbye to the year with a lot of humor and zero stress. A box of 8 polvorones that represent the most hated situations of this year that we left behind. Wrapped with messages like ” The virus of the noses”, “The filomenal collapse” or “The cursed volcano of La Palma” , these limited edition sweets ask us to squeeze them with force and eat them with enthusiasm and that these will become Christmas in the  .Angola Email List

manifest With a design inspired by the classic polvorones and an acid and positive tone, this pack wants, in the words of Noelia Fernández, Executive Angola Email List Creative Director of Manifiesto, «to turn a classic Christmas gesture at any table in this country into a relaxing moment by crushing the themes hottest this year «. In addition, the agency has had the collaboration of Estudio Palmera for product photography as well as still life.The Polvorones Antistress packs are available in a limited way Angola Email List on the web so that anyone who wants to crush 2021 can do it for real.

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