Editor’s introduction: The so-called recommendation algorithm is to use some. Behaviors of users to infer what users may like through Italy Phone Number some mathematical algorithms; many software now have such operations. And the dsign of this system will also be teste the author of this article share about Let’s take a look at the AB test before the recommendd algorithm revision. 1. Experimental background and purpose 1. Experimental background A Italy Phone Number mall has built a “guess you like” function centered on a personalized recommendation system; after the function was.

Experimental Background Italy Phone Number

launched, it was found that the accuracy of the recommendation (the user entered the item details page is defined as a true positive sample) Italy Phone Number is low; in this regard, the data The analyst optimizes the recommendation model. 2. Experimental purpose Before the new recommendation modl goes online, an AB test is conducted to dtermine whether the new model can significantly improve the accuracy of the recommendation. 2. AB test description and test process 1. AB test definition The AB test is to make two  or more versions to clarify a certain problem, Italy Phone Number and at the same time dimension, respectively make the same (similar) visitor groups (target groups) Randomly visit these versions.

Experimental Purpose Italy Phone Number

Italy Phone Number

Collect user experience data and business data of each group; finally analyze and evaluate the best version, and officially adopt it. 2. Italy Phone Number Characteristics of AB testing A priori: A/B testing can come to a conclusion before going online; it is no longer necessary to release the version first, and then verify the effect through data, thereby reducing the risk of revision to a certain extent. Parallelism: A/B testing is to test two or more solutions online at the same time. The advantage of this is to ensure that the time environment and data environment corresponding to each version are consistent, which facilitates a more scientific and objective comparison of the pros and cons.


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