As a result, we have less and less insight into Uganda Phone Number which target groups work best. We run into a problem, because how can we still influence the results of our campaigns? The answer summed up in one word: creatives . In this article I explain why. Put quality first As a marketer you have to constantly adapt to the Uganda Phone Number platforms you use. Currently, social media platforms determine your bid in the auction based on the Quality Score. The platforms provide a good user experience, so that preference is given to advertisements that contribute to this. Based on the Quality Score, the platforms Uganda Phone Number determine whether your ad will be shown to the most interesting people within your targeting.

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If your creatives (photos, videos, sound clips, and other content types) are Uganda Phone Number of high quality, the algorithm will show you ads for a lower cost. Even when you bet competition with a higher bid! The positive consequence of this is that Uganda Phone Number your ads generate a lower cost per conversion. As a result, it has become increasingly important to test which ads lead to a lower cost per conversion. The most impact on campaigns and results, therefore, lies with the optimization of the advertisements and the creatives. If you do this right, it will also affect the performance of your company. Make sure your target audience doesn’t swipe Uganda Phone Number your ad away In addition, it is increasingly possible to skip advertisements. For example, you can skip the ads on YouTube, swipe away stories and quickly scroll past them in the feed.

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It has therefore become even more important to Uganda Phone Number immediately attract attention with your advertisements with a clear message, so that your target group takes the time to look at them. You get good ads by testing, testing and more testing But how do you make good advertisements? The main thing is to test a lot. I have listed a number of points that your advertisements must meet in any case. Keep in mind that not every business Uganda Phone Number or customer is the same. This is also reflected in the A/B tests we do. What goes smoothly for one company does not guarantee success for another company. But there are factors that you can influence. Your advertisement must comply with this 1. Keep it short The concentration Uganda Phone Number span of humans is getting shorter and shorter.

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