Bartlet , the public advocacy office, is preparing for 2022 with the appointment of Adrian Jofre Bosch, founding partner, as the new president Afghanistan Email Lists of the company. «We are going for our third year. We have shown that there is a different generational vision in the field of public advocacy both due to the business model we have built and the type of services we offer. Our team is led by Afghanistan Email Lists people born in democracy and we have a Circle of Advisors with extensive experience. We have invested the way of working within organizations and we Afghanistan Email Lists have built the foundations to consolidate a firm with professional partners ”, says Jofre Bosch.

a more transparent internal regulation”

“We will end 2021 with a full recovery of the initial investment, with profits for the second consecutive year and tripling the turnover of the Afghanistan Email Lists previous year. We were born two weeks before the start of a pandemic. We have generated profits from the first year and, in this time, we have incorporated talent and new partners have joined , “says Jofre Bosch.A year marked by growth and the incorporation of talent Luisa García, advisor to the consultancy on behalf of LLYC, a minority Afghanistan Email Lists partner in the cabinet, pointed out that ” beBartlet is one of the operations in which we have invested that has experienced the greatest growth in 2021 “. “We have a vocation for sustainable growth through projects consistent with our philosophy, which add value to society and Afghanistan Email Lists generate positive impact,” concludes Jofre Bosch.

Afghanistan Email Lists

After the incorporation of Ramón Afghanistan Email Lists Mateo as director of Analysis and Regulatory Impact in early 2021, after passing through the Congress of Deputies, the company announced in the last quarter of the year the incorporation of Alicia Ibarra, until then responsible for communication of Save The Children, as director of Alliances and Social Mobilization. Likewise, in the coming Afghanistan Email Lists weeks the company will incorporate new consultants to the team.

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