Editor’s Guide: As a designer, you need to think about problems from the perspective of users and understand the real needs of users. We need to use a very useful Sweden Phone Number concept, the mental model. The author of this article will analyze six aspects around this, hoping to help you. Today, let’s talk about something different. Many friends may not have heard of this thing, but it is a very, very useful concept for designers! It is the mental model. When we are designing, almost all of them involve mental models, ranging from the size of a rounded corner to the positioning and function of the entire product. We often talk about understanding users, approaching users, Sweden Phone Number and mining users’ real needs for the sake of user experience. In fact, we are talking about understanding users’ mental models.

What Is the Mind? Sweden Phone Number

Make an outline first as usual. What is mind? What is a mental model? Mental Models and Design Links How exactly do mental models work? product Sweden Phone Number mental model design Come to the case At last 1. What is the mind? Mind is a psychological concept. Simply put, it generally refers to all our spiritual activities to all the people, things, and things around us. Take Double Eleven as an example. We analyze and judge the quality of the goods before buying the goods on Double Eleven, the violent emotional fluctuations that occurre during the shopping, the various thoughts that floate in our minds unconsciously after the shopping, imagine the Swen Phone Number appearance of the goods when we receive them, and speculate when the express dlivery will be dlivere. Wait, all these mental activities are calle mind.

What Is a Mental Model? Sweden Phone Number

Sweden Phone Number
Sweden Phone Number

Not only … but also,  What is a mental model? Let’s first look at the different interpretations of mental models. Baidu Encyclopedia: Mental models are assumptions, images, and Sweden Phone Number stories that are deeply embedded in our minds about ourselves, others, organizations, and every aspect of the world around us. And it is deeply limited by habitual thinking, stereotyped thinking and existing knowledge.  A mental model is an internal cognitive process used to explain an individual’s functioning of “The Psychology of Design”: A mental model is the knowledge that exists in the user’s mind about the concepts and behaviors a product should have. This knowledge may Sweden Phone Number vcome from the user’s previous experience with similar products.



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