This status code can be confused with Redemption Period or Pending Restore. If not with the or status, the status code informs you that your domain. Has been in redemption Period for 30 days and will be from the database if your domain is not renewed within this 30-day period. Once the deletion takes place, the domain name may be again depending on the policies of the registrar.

This status code indicates that your domain renewal request has been. If you have not requested to renew your domain name and do not want to pay the renewal fee, you should notify your registrar that you no longer want to use it.

The registrar keeps the domain in this state while it waits for the registrar to provide the necessary restoration documentation. Indicates that your domain name in

Domain Status Codes

Status code that indicates that your request to transfer your domain name to a new registrar has been. If you have not requested to transfer your domain and you see this code in the WHOIS record, you should Chairman Email Lists contact your registrar as soon as possible to have them decline the transfer request.

Indicates that your request to renew your domain name has been. If you have such a request, you should immediately call your registrar to resolve the issue.

Indicates that the registrar wants to delete your domain name.

This is the status code that appears when your domain name is by the registrar. What is Domain Renewal? You can learn about the procedures and the famous brands that forgot to renew the domain from our article.

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Domain Name Codes, Domain Status

When the right to use expired domain names such as not with the renewal process. The delay fee determined according to the elapsed time is to the renewal fee. In this process, the domain is by. Turhost for a certain period of time so that your domain name is not completely out of the game for you. The period in question varies between 1 and 36 days, depending on the domain extension. You can access information about the late renewal fee on our domain page.

This status code is meant to prevent your domain from being. It rarely takes effect, usually during legal disputes, at your request, or when a Redemption Period situation exists. This code may indicate an issue with your domain that needs to be.

This code, determined by your domain’s registrar, means that your domain is not active in DNS.

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