Editor’s introduction: Nowadays, in this era of big data. Some of our online behavior trajectories will be recordd, and use your preferences, habits, etc. to make Spain Phone Number  a push that matches you; the author of this article shared information on user management in content-based products Let’s take a look at the analysis and design of the function. 1. Problems solved by the user management function In the management background of content-based products, the user management module is where operators manage users and establish contact Spain Phone Number  with users; users here refer to users of content-based products, such as users of the Himalaya App.

Problems Solved by Spain Phone Number

In user management, operators need to manage user information and user groups. When operators send promotional SMS messages to users, they hope to add Spain Phone Number  the user’s nickname at the beginning of the SMS to attract users’ attention. Where should this information be obtaine? There is still a lot of user information used for marketing or analysis, such as nicknames. The user management function in the background has records of field information for users, such as basic information, behavior information, etc.; this helps operators to understand Spain Phone Number  and analyze users and obtain complete User portrait. Merchants want to do some price activities when users buy paid memberships.

Analysis and Design Spain Phone Number

Spain Phone Number

For example, paid membership users can get a 10% discount when renewing their membership. And ordinary users can get a 10 yuan discount when they order Spain Phone Numbers  membership for the first time. For different users, different marketing plans need to be adopted. How should operators divide platform users? The management of user grouping is another core function in user management. Which refers to the differentiated operation of users of different groups through multi. Dimensional clustering and grouping of users of the platform. Spain Phone Number  To sum up, the user management function endows operations with the ability to communicate with users.



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