Editor’s guid “Internet +” everything, and the car is also “connecte to the Internet. Whether it is a small program or an APP, it has its own account system. It is the Bahamas Phone Number digital embodiment of people, and refers to the unique identification of products to users. This article will analyze four aspects of the account system, hoping to help you. The account system is a familiar vocabulary for product managers. Whether it is APP applications, small programs, public accounts on the mobile Internet. Or device-based tablets, mobile phones, and computers, Bahamas Phone Number including popular smart speakers, smart homes. And in-vehicle networking. , has its own account system. 1. What is an account system Account. The core of which is “people”, can be undrstood as the digital embodiment of people.

What Is an Account System Bahamas Phone Number

which refers to the unique identification of products for users. The basic information includes user ID number, nickname, avatar, mobile phone number, email address, Bahamas Phone Nubemr etc. The account system is to set up different account categories for. Management according to the different business and status of the product. And to distinguish account settings and rights based on the category. The importance of the account system is also different for products in different fields. For example, in the financial field, if the account system is not done well, it will affect the risk control management of products in the later stage, and it will bring a lot of remdial costs to users and Bahamas Phone Number companies. In the field of e-commerce products, the account system affects the core The product recommendation logic is the basis for content distribution.

The Core Value of the Account System Bahamas Phone Number

Bahamas Phone Number

Not only … but also, Not all domain account systems are very important. For example, in tool products, the ependnce on accounts or “people” is not high, and it can be designe to be Bahamas Phone Number weaker. If the account is regarded as a person, then it is necessary to design the account and scene functions from each process of the product life cycle, combined with the specific behavior of the person. For the in-vehicle field, the core user group of the account system is the car owner. Combined with the vehicle and the in-vehicle intelligent equipment, it includes the information, scenarios and rights based on the in-vehicle system, and also includes the management of the equipment. 2. The core value Bahamas Phone Number of the account system The core value of the account system, for companies, lies in operations, and for users, it still lies in service and experience.



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