Gao Minmin reminds that it is better if the material. Of the clothes has the international and national toxicological. Test qualified marks, and it can avoid the use of chemicals that are harmful. To health such as formaldehyde. Artificial dyes, fluorescent agents, etc. which not only avoids irritation to the skin. But also prevents children from touching the clothes. In addition, new clothes must be washed before wearing to avoid exposure to toxic residues.  Gao Minmin Nutritionist Organic cotton boutique children’s clothing bbc, comfortable and stylish “I like baby baby cool’s original design of 100% organic cotton children’s clothing.

Ensure that organic textiles are environmentally

and humanely compliant from harvest. Raw materials, to processing, and packaging of the final product. While adding elastic webbing to the collar, cuffs, and thighs of garments for durability and beauty. Gao Panama Phone Number Minmin mentioned that car logos. Buttons and zippers are small details that many people ignore. But they are one of the key points that cause physical skin irritation. And cases of metal allergy caused by buttons and zippers are also very common. Contact dermatitis is easy to occur around the navel, and if the zipper is pulled to the top, it will touch the chin.” BBC uses imported accessories, nickel-free and heavy-metal-free custom-made buttons , There is no car logo on the clothes design, and there is no foreign body feeling when worn.

What makes Gao Minmin particularly fond of

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is that bbc adopts 3D three-dimensional tailoring, using a lot of design techniques such as vertical cutting and geometric collage, emphasizing lines and proportions. Completed, “The fit is comfortable and aesthetic, and a lot of design techniques such as vertical cutting and geometric collage are used. The little honeydew melon is comfortable and cute to wear. Seeing her wearing comfortably and not scratching, I feel a lot more at ease.” bbc is suitable The classic style and quality of long-term wear, whether it is a gift or a personal use, is quite and generous.

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