Do you want to start 2022 on the right foot? Remember, the instructions are very clear: press them hard, forget 2021 and enjoy your Christmas IDEAS LLYC, the Center for Leadership through knowledge of the consulting firm, has just launched Anguilla Email List Deep Digital Journey , number 37 of UNO Magazine. It is available from today in its digital edition and in Spanish. The publication reflects on the path of communication, marketing and public affairs towards Anguilla Email List digital first .

The magazine collects a dozen articles signed by executives, experts or journalists that analyze the news, opportunities and challenges that the Anguilla Email List digital transformation process in which we are involved entails for the company, the professionals or the consumer himself. It also includes an interview with Laura González-Estéfani , founder and CEO of TheVenturyCity, a Venture capital with a new investment and acceleration model that helps entrepreneurs achieve a global impact. He assures that for an economy to be digital first “it is key to recycle the workforce, but the problem Anguilla Email List is that people resist changes when they are always good.”


Anguilla Email List

The panel of experts that has collaborated in Anguilla Email List this issue 37 of UNO is made up of Matt Hatton , Founding Partner of Transforma Insights; Penelope Los Arcos , Partner Manager of Google Iberia; Mauricio Hernández Armenta , Technology Editor for Forbes Mexico ; María Carolina Cortés , Vice President of Corporate Communications of Avianca Holdings; Jaime Martínez , General Director of the Regional Group of Productive Pharmacies; Ana Paula Ferreira , Boeing Communications Anguilla Email List Director for Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico; Santos Suarez, Director of Communication, Corporate Reputation and Sustainability of Liberty Seguros in Europe; and the journalist and writer Marta García Aller .

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