Tor’s introduction: When we use many products,  USA Phone Number we can access the time selection control, which is also a commonly use  element in product sign, and thus rives various forms. The application of the time selection control also nes to be substitut into the actual scene corresponding to the product. So as to select the most appropriate time selection control. Next, the author of this article analyzes the application USA Phone Number  of time selection controls in different scenarios for us. Time selection control is a very common and universal element in product sign. And it is use in almost all kinds of products.

What is the time selection control USA Phone Number

With the penetration and development of various apps and website products in different operating scenarios, we should also pursue the USA Phone Number  “appropriate” function implementation method when designing products. This article will discuss the selection and application of time selection controls in various scenarios. 1. What is the time selection control A time selection control is an actionable object that guides the user to select a time or period. The appearance of the time selection control indicates that the realization of the function requires the user to participate in setting the time,

Why do you need to add a time selection USA Phone Number

USA Phone Number

and avoids multiple trial and error operations that may occur when the user directly uses the keyboard to input. Through the time selection control in USA Phone Number  the function. The user can quickly understand the function operation supported by the product. And can specify the time setting format supported by the product. Which saves the user’s learning time for the product function. 2. Why do you need to add a time selection control to the function? The time format can be regard as the selection and combination of text + numbers + symbols, and there are many kinds. USA Phone Number For example, when we fill out some registration forms, in the column of birth date. We can write: 1990.1.1 or 1990/1/1 or January 1, 1990, or 1990-1-1 and so on. When designing product functions,



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