Each small business situation is different, and you may have a situation that requires one over the other. Talk to your attorney before you make a decision on arbitration vs. litigation. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) What is binding arbitration? Arbitration is usually Uganda WhatsApp Number List Uganda WhatsApp Number List binding; when the two parties agree to submit their dispute to the arbitration process, they agree to abide by the decision of the arbitrator.In binding arbitration, the parties usually have no appeal option, unless an appeal has been included in an arbitration clause Uganda WhatsApp Number List or contract. Some arbitration decisions may be Uganda WhatsApp Number List reviewed by a judge and the decision may be vacated (removed) if it can be proved hat the arbitrator was biased.

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Some arbitration may be non-binding, depending on contract language or the situation.What’s the difference between mediation and arbitration? Arbitration Uganda WhatsApp Number List and mediation are the two types of alternate dispute resolution processes, used as alternatives to civil litigation .Mediation is Uganda WhatsApp Number List an informal voluntary process where the two parties get together with a trained mediator to see if they can work out their differences. The mediator can be Uganda WhatsApp Number List selected by the parties or by a judge, and this person doesn’t impose an agreement on the parties. Any agreement between the two parties isn’t binding, and the dispute can continue to court if the parties can’t agree.

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Arbitration is a more formal process, in which the two sides agree to take their dispute to a trained arbitration professional as an alternative to litigation. As Uganda WhatsApp Number List with litigation, the two parties present their cases, and the arbitrator makes a decision, which is usually binding on the parties.How long does arbitration take? The arbitration process is shorter than the litigation process. Once the decision is made to go to arbitration, the parties select and hire an arbitrator, find a location, and the case can begin. In contrast to litigation, arbitration doesn’t involve complicated pre-trial Uganda WhatsApp Number List processes like depositions, jury selection, document authentication, and qualification of experts.

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