We thought that blockchain, cloud, or the internet of things would be the winners. never normal again In no fewer than sixteen blogs, written in the last eight years, Verdino advocates a different mindset in his collection ‘ Never Normal ‘ (affiliate). He finds it deeply saddened that a pandemic proves that chatting about digital Georgia WhatsApp Number List transformation doesn’t do much and it’s all about action, doing the real thing. It’s time for companies.

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We will have to admit that we have misjudged digital transformations and that it is, more or less, simple to get it done. Post-corona digital transformation as mythology is as dead as a doornail. It’s not about embracing disruption for survival. It’s about improvising, adapting, and conquering. Also, read Cara Antoine: “Don’t create a new crisis with your business.

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The Verdino truth is that we are in the midst of a ‘Never Normal’ era. Where the frequency and pace of disruptions require more adaptability than we could ever have imagined. Not becoming even more digital, but more adaptive. Perhaps we all thought that embracing new technology would solve old problems. Verdino: It’s about ‘doing digital’ not about ‘be digital’.


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