As it should, as here catalunya Summa Lotteries words that are pictures In fact, there are many occasions when we make a word “the image”, as in logos -etymologically the shape of the word-. That is, his image.Filmax Summa Branding And even others in which we turn an image into “the word”, as in signage pictograms, which are images that treasure a single possible reading, a kind of “iconic alphabet” of a universal nature. They are visual words that do not accept double readings, although like all languages ​​they must be previously learned. For example, traffic signs. In fact, they are words-icons of a common language for all cultures. Or almost. In short, our work, that of the graphic designer, has always consisted and will consist of trying to control what the receiver imagines of the image.

That we propose brand communities

That we propose. brand communities Alex Gabarre brand communities Posted on March 4, 2021 Every brand generates a community around it, more Raster to Vector Conversion or less large, more or less involved. However, it is unusual to see companies. That understand their brand communities as a strategic asset. Capable of generating value beyond their role as users/consumers. And spontaneous prescription. A community that is well identified. Segmented and connected to the brand maintains its link with it in a more intense. Long-lasting and sustained way. Harley Davidson, Patagonia. Apple or Marvel have grown and have remained.  thanks to the involvement of their brand communities, extending the popularity of the brand from a niche to the mainstream .

Raster to Vector Conversion

Every sports team knows perfectly well

Every sports team knows perfectly well that without a strong community, the value of its brand would be at the mercy of victories and losses, in the same India Lead way that any fashion brand would plummet once it stopped being a trend.Harley Davidson Brand Communities The community is also the first to test new products or services, the first to recommend them and the first to give us feedback on them, which makes it a magnificent test bed for innovation . Thus, for example, Google uses its community to exclusively advance new services or updates to its products, which allows it to correct errors, validate interest and understand their real usage motivations before going to market with a massive already adjusted proposal. In the same way, it is likely that Patagonia.

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