The same as the mobile version and you don’t need to have your phone next to you like in another “more famous” one. I recognize that I cannot live without it. it is essential in my job and for my leisure. In addition to the official ones. you have other applications made by third parties such as Plus messenger (it’s the one I use on my smartphone). I also like igram a lot for both desktop and mobile. And if you are from the old school and like to have everything very organized. Telefuel can be your desktop application. How to install Telegram messenger? The installation is very simple. just like any application. and to activate just like the competition. First we enter the play store or the app store and search for Telegram. we will see that there are several. being an open code.

Anyone can create their messaging app based on it. so you can install the official version. telegram x. pluss messenger. etc. Once installed. we open it and the welcome screen will appear. Telegram channels – Installation If you slide to the right. it shows you application properties. now you click “start chatting” and it will send you an SMS with a code. you enter it and you are already using the app. All your contacts who have it will receive a “telegram” notifying them that you have joined. To see how many people in your contacts have it. you give the menu and the contacts section and you will get the list of users. Now that you know what it is and what its possible uses are. let’s get to what really interests us. the channels!

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What are Telegram channels? Telegram channels are an improvement on what “broadcasts” used to be. As in WhatsApp. you can create a broadcast to communicate something and the same could be done. but they have improved it by changing it to “channels”. The good thing about channels is that it’s not like an old broadcast. that you create Switzerland Phone Number content and spread it among your contacts. but you create a channel so that people subscribe to it. What you get with the Telegram channel is a place where you can report your news or whatever in a massive way. with an unlimited number of followers and interesting features. As I said the channels have an unlimited number of subscribers and they can’t see each other. only the admin knows the members.


The creator of a channel can name several administrators. so several people can run the same channel from different areas and the messages always come out with the name of the channel itself and not the person who publishes them. Although internally it is possible to know by the administrators which of the members is the one who has published the message. In the channels you can broadcast videos. photos. texts with links. surveys. gifs. stickers. etc… Messages include a hit Switzerland phone number counter so you can keep track of how many people have read your message. The channels can be private for communities or exclusive membership sites and where it is necessary for you to enter the administrator or give you an invitation through a link.

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Or they can be public for web communities. politicians. newspapers. magazines. or any type company or business. The main difference between a group and a channel is that groups allow a certain number of people to talk to each other. while channels allow a small number of people to transmit messages to hundreds or thousands of subscribers. With a Telegram channel you will reach your target audience in a fast. free and Switzerland Phone Number effective way. Being an instant messaging application like WhatsApp. each publication you make will have a great impact. Examples of public Telegram channels Channels are a perfect tool for political groups. the media. companies. news. blogs. etc…. because you reach a very wide audience. since more than 200 million people use it daily and the opening rate of the messages is very wide.

Political parties We can – 32 thousand members. Citizens – 3 thousand members. PSOE – 3 thousand members. Vox – 13 thousand members. People’s Party – 2.640 members. Tsunami Democràtic – 410 thousand members (you read that right). Media The Newspaper – 4.500 members El Desmarque – (Better look at the link because this sports newspaper is doing great. it has created a channel for each football club). Information Switzerland Phone Number Journal – (I put this as an example of how you should not do it. because they have created a bot instead of a channel. the interesting thing is to put the bot as administrator in the channel so that it publishes automatically). In general. the news newspapers are not yet very integrated into Telegram. there are the less traditional ones. but from the country.

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