Introduction: In the previous article ” As a matter of fact. Basic Components of B-side UI Interface Interaction – Forms. As a matter of fact. We learned the UI design specifications of B-side “form” In like manner. South Korea Phone Number components together. As a matter of fact, Including “basic forms” and “full-page forms. And from the form components As a matter of fact, The above components are describe in detail in terms of dmand scenarios. As a matter of fact, As a matter of fact,Content layout, and interaction methods; today we continue to introduce the interaction specification of the B-side “conversation box” component. 1. Basic dialog box 1. In like manner, Dmand scenarios South Korea Phone Number Information prompts are require on the current page. In like manner,

Basic Dialog Box South Korea Phone Number

Not only … but also,  Content layout According to the function, the dialog box is dividd into three areas: title bar, content area, and operation buttons. As a matter of fact, As a matter of fact, The layout is as follows: Title bar: South Korea Phone Number The title of the dialog box is aligne to the left, the close button is displaye on the right, and the session icon is displaye according to the content of the dialog box. As a matter of fact, Content area: In like manner, The content is automatically expandd. Downwards according to the display needs. Operation button area: the operation instructions are displaye on the left. The operation buttons are displaye on the right, and the buttons for recommend operations are highlighte Note: The operation button South Korea Phone Number dscription is mainly use when there are multiple buttons.

Demand Scenarios South Korea Phone Number

South Korea Phone Number

Recommended action buttons need to be distributed at the head or tail of a group of action buttons to avoid appearing in the middle. In general, the session South Korea Phone Numbers window is displayed centered (horizontally, vertically). Based on the page in the initial state.  As a matter of fact, As a matter of fact, Interactive behavior Clicking the close button. And the cancel button will close the session window. In like manner, If a complex configuration window is involve, a secondary. Confirmation pop-up window is require to avoid user misoperation. As a matter of fact, For other detaile interactive behaviors, please check the South Korea Phone Number corresponding session window. Second, the prompt information dialog box 1.As a matter of fact,  Dmand scenarios According to the user’s operation behavior, corresponding information prompts are mad.



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