Editor’s guide: The author of this article starts from his own work experience. Based on his thoughts and thoughts in project practice, Poland Phone Number combined with cases. Etc. to share the process of bidding and bidding work and some issues. That nee to be  attention to base on the pyramid structure of intimacy, for everyone Reference and study together. I have worked in Party A of Big B. And I have also bid for many SAAS products. I feel the Poland Phone Number pain of Party A and the confusion of SAAS suppliers. Therefore, from the perspective of Party A, analyze what I want and what I want.

Big B Party a Poland Phone Number

It is hope that it will help enterprises to idntify the situation of Party A and to think about their own business strategies. Poland Phone Number In addition, considering that the description of the structure system will help you understand, a model diagram of the “intimacy pyramid structure” is specially established. I’ve written a lot of sloppy text again, and please criticize and correct where it is not. 1. Big B Party A’s Bidding Pain Many SAAS companies often face such pains as they do the bidding work of Party A: Marketers are familiar with technical Poland Phone Number evaluation indicators, but do not understand business planning, technical planning, and organizational planning; During the entire marketing process.

Second, the Real Poland Phone Number

Poland Phone Number

Marketers only wait for the notification to open the bid and cannot have any traction on the bidding; Marketers cannot effectively call Poland Phone Number for artillery fire, and senior leaders are only level-equivalent to participate in the meeting, and cannot effectively tap customer value Customers think that each supplier is not very different, and whoever chooses is the same; Get caught in a price war and cannot extricate yourself; Perhaps many small partners will attribute it to objective factors, thinking that the products of various competing products are not very different, Poland Phone Number and marketers cannot lead the bidding ; Root cause. Objective factors are also equal to competitors.


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