Think of your fundraiser as a bucket and your donors as water. If you have too many holes in your bucket, your donors will slowly drip out. This is the case with many nonprofits that struggle to manage different elements of fundraising. They focus more of their time on certain areas of fundraising and ignore others – leading to a leaky fundraising bucket. Don’t worry if your bucket has a hole, we’re here to help. Here are six tips to Accounting Directors Email Lists particular topic or interest. loopholes and focus your energies on the areas of greatest need. Here’s a new idea for your nonprofit fundraising strategy: Do something well. When you take on too much, things inevitably slip through the cracks. Instead of being mediocre at many things, set a goal of being good at a few things.

1. Assess the location of the leak

The first step in plugging leaks is finding them. Take a look at your overall fundraising strategy and how focused you are on each effort. If needs help to determine how your fundraising efforts are aligning, try our fundraising assessment tool. Elements measured in this tool include: Once you’ve identified areas that aren’t getting the attention the Accounting Directors Email Lists balance. Pick one or two elements that are currently receiving the least attention. Focus your energies on these elements for the next few months. You won’t become a fundraising expert in every field overnight, but making people aware of your weaknesses will help slow the leak.


3. Diversify your fundraising portfolio

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Nonprofits aren’t limited to just one or two revenue streams. A diverse fundraising effort is the key to your nonprofit’s long-term success. With a diverse fundraising mix, nonprofits can operate safely knowing if one revenue stream is leaking from their bucket, they have other sources to keep them afloat. Most charitable donations come from individuals, but there are many different ways of giving, including: Diversifying your Accounting Directors Email Lists that requires thoughtful planning, realistic expectations, and most importantly, patience. Results may not be immediate – it can take a few years for an individual donor program to gain traction before you start seeing huge differences – but it’s a worthwhile investment that you can make in the long run return on investment.

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