Advertising by the Academy demands from the Advertising Academy “a more transparent internal regulation” From the group they assure that Andorra Email Lists this could help «at this precise moment of change in the government of the association, to improve its current wording, focusing on a more transparent internal regulation that would reduce conflicts and Andorra Email Lists re-establish a greater independence so that certain organs are able to function more efficiently. ‘ In this sense, they give an example to the Academy Jury, “today regulated by a regulation that calls for urgent changes,” they say.

A year marked by growth and the incorporation 

They then proceed to specify that at first it appeared that there was no “mutual understanding.” However, they later point out that in recent weeks Andorra Email Lists there has been a meeting “that has led to an apparent change in attitude.”The president of the Academy has announced to the members the decision of the Board of Directors, apparently listening to the request of the respectable signatories of the manifesto, to convene an Extraordinary General Assembly in which it is Andorra Email Lists announced that the modification of the the statutes . It’s good news, “they say.


Andorra Email Lists

However, they are not entirely satisfied Andorra Email Lists with various details of that letter , which they hope “will be corrected in a future statement.” One of them is that it lacks a date and the second is the “personalization in two partners when it is known that, regardless of who acted as spokespersons, the manifesto was signed by a considerable number of Andorra Email Lists advertisers.”

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