Editor’s Guide: How to work when Iceland Phone Number you receive a business that you have never been in contact with? Where to start? The author of this article shares the relevant knowledge of building an advertising business platform from 0 to 1 based on the thoughts and thoughts of the project practice in the work, combined with the specific legends, and hopes to give you some help through the project review. In small and medium-sized enterprises, I do not know Iceland Phone Number whether everyone will have such troubles. The big boss has an idea that suddenly comes to mind, and you need to design and develop the product immediately.

Research Stage Iceland Phone Number

Aside from the feasibility study of the project (because generally small businesses don’t care much about the research before the project is established), Iceland Phone Number how should you start your work when you receive a “one-sentence request”? Where to start? Even this industry and field is that you have no exposure to new business at all. This article will focus on the three stages of product design (preliminary research. System design, and demand review) Taking building an advertising transaction procurement system (TD) as an example. To teach you how to Iceland Phone Number build a new platform from 0 to 1. 1. Research stage One day, the leader said: “We want to be an advertising platform and develop traffic business.

System Design Iceland Phone Number

Iceland Phone Number

Not only … but also, In the future, we will realize the purchase and sale of traffic, similar to a treasure in the advertising industry. Well, let’s start working separately.” Iceland Phone Number Of course, this is an exaggerated description. For the development of a new business line, the preparatory work in the early stage also includes the adjustment of the employment plan, the formation of a new operation team, the formation of a new sales team, the financial rehearsal and a series of collaborations with other company’s operation departments before the product is handed over to the product. with the R&D department. So when the product manager receives this kind of demand from the boss, how Iceland Phone Number do we proceed? This is a bit like when we write a dissertation in our university. We must first consult all kinds of literature.



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