Editor’s Guide: After a new function is launched,  Australia Phone Number the effect may not meet expectations. At this time. It is necessary to track the user’s operation behavior around this function and obtain more data for analysis. The author of this article will start from his own work experience and analyze this, hoping to help you. Our product recently did a  Australia Phone Number raffle. The event is hung on the homepage banner, and tasks need to be completed before the lottery. At the end of the first week, we counted the participation data.

Breaking the game: user operation Australia Phone Number

For a product with 50,000 daily active users, the average daily task completion volume is 50. It can b seen that the effect of this activity is very poor. Australia Phone Number This is also a common problem we have in the process of making products. A new function is launche, but the effect is very general. And it does not achieve the functional effect we expect. If you leave this feature alone and let users continue to use it in this way. It is usually difficult to obtain better results. Australia Phone Number Therefore In many cases, we need to track the user’s operation behavior around this function, obtain more data, and give us more analysis dimensions.

The source channel of the user Australia Phone Number

Australia WhatsApp Number List
Australia WhatsApp Number List

Like the function of this event, it only attracte 0.1% of active users. Which is far from the 10% of active users we expecte at the bginning. Australia Phone Number We can bury the number of users who click on the activity banner, the number of users who click on other banners at the same location. The number of users who click on other activities, the bounce rate of the activity page, etc., and obtain user behavior data. Through the combined analysis of multiple data We found that Australia Phone Number the activity itself is not a big problem. But 20% of users quit while waiting for the activity page to load, combined with the fact that the activity page takes 30 seconds to load.



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