We live in a world of engagement through some of the most extraordinary and disruptive technologies. These very technologies persuade us to take risk with our personal information, our company’s financial and business data and in some cases our own well being. So why is it that we have an appetite for risk-taking with some of our most valuable business and personal assets but very little appetite for pushing the risk envelope when it comes to branding and creating a “legendary” site?

As I beat my head against the wall every day that I surf the “enterprise” web in search of extraordinary, I have come to realize that there is one key barrier preventing the most inspired executives from taking the leap to legendary.

Define then Design

It’s difficult to define a category to own. Beyond its technology categories, Apple is the standard bearer of defining and Belgium Phone Number owning a brand category: exceptional design. It clearly permeates everything that is Apple, from communications to product design to experience. They left the soul in their brand by remaining ever vigilant in their quest for good design and recognizing our quest as consumers for an intuitive and delightful experience. The difficulty in most B2B businesses is building consensus for what it is you want to own in a category. The risk comes in choosing. But in not choosing, the average B2B site positions everything equally and runs the risk of owning little.

There are many companies who have defined new categories.

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Three examples of companies I have recently worked with come to mind. The first is Jive Software. As a collaboration tool they defined the category simply as “The New Way to Business.” Jive launched their new site in 2011 with a dramatic black background with provocative messaging and distinctive light writing. In stark contrast to its competitors, the message was spare and direct, “illuminating what matters”. The combination was effective in further defining the social enterprise



SuccessFactors, the second company, created a new category-Business Execution Software (BizX). Business Execution Software elevated an otherwise complex human resources software suite to a business imperative. BizX aligns strategy, vision and individual goals across the enterprise to improve overall business outcomes. SuccessFactors’ site created an iconic representation of BizX with one clear message “It’s time to love work again.”

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