Asked about the reason why teenagers choose TikTok before other applications, they argue that the social network entertains them with Indonesia Email List high doses of entertainment and is more fun than other platforms .Teenagers on TikTok also fall in love with its short-form content , its infinite scroll, and the ability to express themselves there freely and in a more positive way than other platforms.Although TikTok has managed to unseat its most direct rivals, it is still not the Indonesia Email List most used app among teenagers. This honor goes to YouTube, which 72% of young people between the ages of 12 and 17 use on a weekly basis.

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Even so, in the arena of video, YouTube Indonesia Email List competes head-to-head with Netflix, which wins the battle for the minimum against the Google subsidiary. Starting January 1, 2022, GfK DAM will be the new official digital audience meter . In this way, it will replace the one that had existed until now, comScore , after winning the measurement contest organized Indonesia Email List by IAB, the Association for Media Research (AIMC) and the Spanish Association of Advertisers in December 2020.

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Since its victory, GfK has been working Indonesia Email List with the Monitoring Commission , as explained by David Sánchez , Digital Solutions Director of the company, to . “It is the body, let’s say, of which these three associations have been equipped to not only call the contest, but also to monitor the application of the project,” says the Indonesia Email List expert.

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