When working on a project, don’t pursue “so-called perfection” from Denmark WhatsApp Number List the very beginning. You must consider what the “minimum viable product” contains, make it quickly, launch it, and optimize it after receiving feedback.

Don’t modify and optimize prematurely on non-critical factors and consume too much time. For example, the designers deducted some excessively detailed designs. In the early stage of the project, resulting in a slow overall project progress. Not to mention whether the function needs to retained after the launch still a problem.

How to solve obstacles?

When carrying out specific tasks, there are often many “resistance” factors, which are roughly divided into “environmental factors” and “self factors”.

(1) Environmental factors

1.1 The work (or study) environment is chaotic

A good physical environment can Denmark WhatsApp Number List make it easier for people to work and study more naturally and efficiently (because a lot of attention is focused on the key issues themselves), and it is easier to obtain the experience of “flow” (personal subjective feelings). So how to create a good environment? The solution: effectively organize the “physical environment” to make it more efficient.

The specific method is as follows:

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  1. Clean up useless items. For example, before work, clean up the waste files, drafts, etc. on the desktop, leaving only the items related to the current work and study.
  2. Organize your items. Classify items and specify storage locations to avoid thinking “where is this thing and where to put it” every time.
  3. Place frequently used items in a conspicuous place, and less frequently used items in lockers. For example, place frequently used tools on the desktop, and historical files in a locker, and keep them sorted.

This method also works for organizing computer files, regularly deleting useless files, categorizing folders, placing unimportant folders at a deeper level, etc.

1.2 Always disturbed

Interrupted while immersed in work always. A headache and greatly affects productivity. Interference can reduced by:

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