Yes, it’s true! No need to spend six months testing a new strategy. Chances are you are already engaged and sharing content on other similar platforms that can help you on Medium. This way, you can save time (and money!) and generate positive growth for your business. Advertising Continue reading below How to Create a Medium Growth Strategy Learn from your average dashboard What was the discovery that took your content to the next level? For me, it was the realization that using data to create content increases shares, comments, reads, and overall engagement. I can point to many aha moments in my career, but learning these lifelong lessons came with a lot of hard work and difficult experiences. That’s why I’m sharing this information on the Medium Dashboard that helped me raise the bar!

Recommendations the number of people who recommend your story.

Medium tracks four Luxembourg Phone Number metrics for your stories: views, reads, read rate, and recommendations in 30-day segments. Here is a quick overview of what these metrics mean: Views: how many people have seen your story. Lit: How many people have read your story to the end. Read ratio: how many people have read your full story compared to those who have only viewed it. Recommendations: the number of people who recommend your story. Medium, like other search engines and social channels, uses its algorithm to determine how many people read your blog post versus people who just view it to help your story rank on the front page. Eve Williams, the founder of Medium, mentioned that read rate affects how your post is ranked and found in Medium.

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What may work on your blog may not work on Medium?

This factor provides incredible value to brands by telling them if people are actually reading the content they post. This, in turn, leads to better writing. Leveraging your existing Medium data to unlock the value of your Medium content starts with understanding your data. I recommend starting with your current assumptions based on your analysis of your competitors and the top performing stories on Medium. Challenge yourself to identify the type of content that powers the homepage and what sets you apart the most. Every platform is different. What may work on your blog may not work on Medium. Develop a cohesive content strategy and stick to it Every website owner has dreams for their business.

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