When setting goals, pay attention to be as Colombia WhatsApp Number List quantitative as possible, that is, describe our goals with accurate numbers. For example: lose 5 pounds in 3 months, not “be slimmer in 3 months”. In this way, when we review the goal, we can review the analysis with objective data, not just by feeling.

(5) Dismantling the target

When goals too large or complex, break them down into smaller tasks that can done, especially those you don’t like. For example, writing an article, dismantling it into a selected topic, setting a framework, collecting materials, organizing it into a first draft, revising the article, etc. tasks.

When faced with a “grand” goal, the baby resists in his heart,

and the brain instinctively resists, so this goal is easily delayed or even “deleted”.

So, if you feel that a task can’t be performed directly, be sure to think about “can it be subdivided.”

(6) Streamlining tasks

When resources such as Colombia WhatsApp Number List time and energy extremely limited, it important to streamline tasks. The following ideas are provided for reference.

Idea 1: Filter tasks according to whether

Colombia WhatsApp Number List
Colombia WhatsApp Number List

They are related to the core goal, classify things into “do” and “do not do”, and clean up those “do not do” tasks.

A common mistake we make is to treat the task (means) as the end, that is, just “walking” but forgetting “where we are going”. Therefore, in the face of each task, think about whether this task is really necessary and important to achieve the core goal.

For example: when writing a “introduction about a certain project” PPT, “self-made PPT style” a task that can”not done”, especially in the case of time constraints, should not spend a lot of time on PPT interface beautification, don’t you think? Isn’t it more important to “think about the content of the PPT”? Would it be more efficient to choose to apply a PPT template?

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