User response to action Once the action was over, the company began to measure the response of the impacted users. In this analysis they Benin Email Lists discovered the high volume of positive comments, among which the mentions among users interested in having their close circle participate in the giveaway stand out. To this must be added the consumers who decided directly to actively join the campaign while commenting on the sport in question and those who came from the world Benin Email Lists of journalism, who, although they did not empathize with Luis Enrique, did so with Finetwork.

With all this, it was possible Benin Email Lists to value our sponsorship with the RFEF and maximize the Brand’s association with the Spanish Soccer Team. Finetwork managed to consolidate the image and the link of the brand with Spanish athletes at the same time as a high brand awareness. In fact, all communication has been related to the tone of the brand, with which they have managed to enhance their image with their customers. Furthermore, according to Benin Email Lists Esther Pérez: « The disruptive, original and ingenious tone is part of Finetwork’s DNA and enables us to amplify our visibility and arrival in the media. In addition, this innovative spirit is a key element in the interaction with our audience through social channels, even managing to be a trend and being part of the Benin Email Lists news with very positive comments and evaluations on the action.

Benin Email Lists

Finetwork’s Head of Brand and Benin Email Lists Communication, Sponsorship & Media has also highlighted the ability to reinforce the “best is possible” positioning with this action, which has become a philosophy that describes the company’s modus operandi. ” It allows us to believe that we are capable of making a difference, to innovate and also to always surprise our audience, ” he explains. And it is not for less, because the data reflects the great success they had: More than 48 million Benin Email Lists impressions, reaching an audience of more than 124 million and with repercussion in more than 31 national and international media that echoed the news , monopolizing user conversations and news for days.

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