Another category is today’s many so-called “big” Internet Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List companies. Their operations have also challenged, but many companies self-financing and can at least make money.

However, these companies, especially listed companies, have rigid requirements for profitability and are also responsible to shareholders.

The performance has not been achieved, and it has to cut costs and improve performance through layoffs.

Companies are laying off employees?

Having said so much, I have to cut high and low, it sounds even more panic…

What’s more cruel is not only Internet companies, but the situation of many traditional companies is actually more difficult…

I once wrote an article “Losing Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List Confidence, Four Seasons Are Like Winter”, and I wrote about the difficulties that small and medium-sized enterprises have encountered, so I won’t repeat them here.

Today I just want to say, an entrepreneurial friend around me:

One day at the end of last year, I received a message at 3:00 a.m. saying that I was very anxious, I had been insomnia for a period of time, the company had laid off more than half of its employees, and the flow of funds was about to stop.

It was painful so couldn’t resist texting me.

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The next morning, I saw WeChat and immediately spoke to him.

He said that after encountering the problem of the capital chain, he went to the investors who had always wanted to invest in him.

He originally thought that as long as he nodded, the money would come in.

But the investor said he would reconsider, which shocked him.

In fact, not only this investor, but the vast majority of investors have also tightened their investment.

What to do then? In addition to equity, consider bonds?

Bonds are also very cautious now. Without collateral, it is basically impossible to borrow money.

All but the house where he and his family live, he said, have been mortgaged. It really doesn’t work, let’s take this set.

I said never, no matter how you start a business, the house where your family lives is the last sense of security in their hearts.

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