They use many boxes to organize all their information. Also, they share many past projects. This keeps potential customers happy because they know that if they contact you, they will receive what they want or something like Jamaica Phone Number a picture. 17. Bartlett Kirk This page uses bold color schemes and layouts. Bold text in red and blue makes the site easy to remember. When visitors browse many websites, it’s a great way to get them to remember your site and come back. The intro slider includes a video showing the type of work they do, along with pictures of the entire page.

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They use many simple icons that you can click, making it easy to move around the site. 18. Joris The design of this contractor website is very clean and attractive. There’s a lot of white space between the Jamaica Phone Number List well as a prominent blue. Everything is simple, there is not much information on the home page, but links can bring you more information. This makes the page nice and clean and helps the visitor not feel overwhelmed. 19. International Olympic Committee Inside Out Construction showcases the work they do through pictures, and it’s great.

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The layout is simple but to the point. There’s also a personal letter and a family photo from the owner on the “About Us” tab, talking about how the business started. Sharing a personal story is a great way to show your Jamaica Phone Number List  commitment to keeping your customers happy. 20. United Republic of The site first showcases the impressive projects they have done. They show how they are different from other sites with simple red icons. Show your audience that you want your work to be different and unique from other companies. The page has a large image, and the center of gravity of the image is emphasized.