If you see a high volume of searches for a keyword topic, such as “professional hair extensions,” it’s a good idea to create a dedicated page for that topic. This is a better strategy than simply listing “extensions” among all other  services on the general services page. Bottom line: if you want to rank well on a topic, you need dedicated content (or dedicated pages) on that topic. 4) Mainly in luxury terms If your site is already killing it in search results for long-tail and mid-length keywords, it might be time to consider targeting luxury keywords. Luxury keywords are great terms, usually very short and broad.

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They usually have the highest search volume and are an attractive target for business owners. The downside of these terms is that they are extremely competitive and may not have the right searcher intent. A good way Cameroon Phone Number to determine if and how to optimize for luxury terms is to do a keyword search on Google and analyze the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) yourself. Are the top-ranking pages from the same type of business as you? If so, look at the top performers to determine how their content differs from yours.

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For example, the luxury term for a hair salon might be “haircut” or just “hair”. These are very vague terms that are searched for for many different reasons. Someone searching for “hair” may actually be looking for musical hair , not a hair salon. While you should exercise caution when targeting these keywords, they can be very lucrative if done successfully.