Unfortunately, FCM automatically includes a tracking code for analytics purposes, so Google can get a lot of information about app users just through push notifications.

The good news is that there are alternative methods for push notifications, namely SSE (Server Sent Events) and WebSockets .

Also, a new open source project, UnifiedPush , is becoming increasingly popular. UnifiedPush is a private open source alternative to Google for notifications.

The project is building an alternative to Google’s push notification service, FCM, which aims to allow any application developer to easily offer an alternative push method to their users.

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At Tutanota we attach great Business Development Directors Email Lists importance to open source . When we prepared the Tutanota app for F-Droid , we made sure that it would still have push notifications.

F-Droid – being an open source alternative to the Play Store – requires all apps to come with zero connections to Google.

The concept is simple: book an electric scooter in seconds for a quick and fun trip through the city. Or to the beach, we heard

In 5 years, felyx has grown into  one of the largest mobility startups in our low countries. But they go further. The green scooters are driving around in Germany and Belgium. European roll-out will follow soon.

Also great, felyx is in Wired Magazine’s list ofnd was voted several times by LinkedIn as the top 10 best startups to work for.

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Tutanota is an encrypted email and calendar service that puts your privacy first. All data is end-to-end encrypted, and you can even easily send end-to-end encrypted emails to anyone in the world.

Also, Tutanota does not use Google Push. In fact, by implementing the push notification service for the calendar, Tutanota even manages to do it in a zero-knowledge way – which means that even the notifications are encrypted and the server does not know anything about your events, not even when they are taking place.

HSince August 2021 the Global Head of Marketing of felyx. He is an entrepreneurial marketer with 10+ years of experience in marketing and tech (including Rocket Internet, , HelloFresh and Spotcap). An entrepreneur himself with no fewer than three companies, Gijs was one of the first importers of the popular drink Club-Mate.

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