Download our app.” A familiar phrase. Why is this so important to business? They probably already have a website, a blog, and at least a few social media platforms. Your clients and prospects can definitely find you, can’t they? Well, yes they can, but they Cyprus B2B List don’t want to do that anymore. Consumers are on their mobile devices, not home PCs or laptops. Who wants to open your website or blog on these small screens? nobody. In fact, consumers spend most of their time on those small screens, and they’re using apps . So it’s no surprise that businesses are busy creating community apps to engage their audiences where they hang out.

Do you need to create a community app?


These should be based on the problem you are solving and the value you bring. Adding in some entertainment, some humor, and some inspiration just sweetens the pot. If you need some inspiration, check out Dollar Shave Club’s first explainer video. While it’s a website feature, it could easily be part of a community app as well. It perfectly addressed the Cyprus B2B List audience, solved a problem, used language appropriate to that audience, was full of laughter, and actually went viral within hours. Since then, the company has produced many other videos, has a community mobile app, and continues to maintain the perfect tone and style for viewers.

1. Find out if the Community app is right for you.

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We discussed it above, but just to repeat it briefly. If you’re in the business of selling a product or service and you already know very well what your audience is Cyprus B2B List for online and on their mobile devices, then yes, you need one. What are the demographics? What are their wants and needs? What problems do they need to solve? How can you fix these? What are their buying behaviors? What entertains them? What is their language style? What motivates them? There is a lot of data to answer these questions. do research.


2. Exclusive deals for mobile app users

Obviously, it depends on the product/service you offer and your audience. There are some things you absolutely want – the ability to push notifications to customers, conversations between you and your customers and between customers/followers, visuals Cyprus B2B List media, the ability to add, modify, and delete as needed, and what you believe of other content that will engage your audience. You also want customers to be able to make purchases directly on your app.



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