Freepik Company , the most used image bank in the world, is constantly growing, therefore, its HR team is in a continuous process of recruiting. Thus, Bosnia and Herzegovina so far in 2021, technology has generated 106 jobs, already reaching 365 employees.Beatriz Ruiz, Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding Specialist and Marta Sisí, HR Manager will participate in the #TheFreepikFeeling digital event to be held on November 11 at 6:00 p.m., who will explain Bosnia and Herzegovina the company’s talent retention Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List policies as well as vacancies available and the most demanded profiles ; Edu Collantes, Product Marketing & Campaign Team Leader , who will tell about the company’s products and their experience within the company, and Kaajal Mansukhani, PR & Communication Manager , who Bosnia and Herzegovina will explain the spirit of the Malaga start-up and its corporate culture.

The forecast for 2022 Freepik is to Bosnia and Herzegovina continue this growth trend as to further strengthen multiple computers. Among the profiles that the company will incorporate, those of content creators (such as graphic designers, art directors, photographers …) and technology profiles (web developers and programmers) stand out. The vacancies in the company can be consulted on Bosnia and Herzegovina the web , where they are kept updated.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

The emblematic store located on Bosnia and Herzegovina Calle Pelayo was reopened a year ago after several months of construction work. During the work, a large canvas covered the infrastructure and, once completed, the extensive fabric was useless. C&A, true to its principles Bosnia and Herzegovina of giving a life to all the resources it has at its disposal, has decided to use the canvas to manufacture 850 pot holders that are now in the hands of its customers.

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