In the latest edition of RECMA’s renowned Network Diagnostics Report , the independent research company that assesses the media agency industry, OMD Worldwide, the media agency of the Omnicom Media Group, has been named Best Jordan Email List Performing Global Media Network , with the best score in «Structure», in which RECMA evaluates the resources that the agency dedicates to digital and diversified services. This report assesses the strengths and weaknesses of Jordan Email List media agencies according to 19 criteria, analyzing around 700 media agencies in 47 countries. The most important aspects evaluated include the balance in the generation of new business, competitiveness in tenders, specialized capabilities or the client portfolio.

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Maintaining the first position in the report Jordan Email List published last March, OMD has increased the distance with respect to its closest competitor, with a total score of 2,192 points, 360 points above the second ranked network. This 16% gap far exceeds the deltas observed in 2019 and 2020. OMD’s performance stands out particularly in a very tight ranking, in which the difference Jordan Email List in scores between the four of the five main networks varies only between 7 and 51 points.

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The breakdown of the global ranking shows that OMD takes the top position in the North America, EMEA and Central and Eastern Europe regions , driven Jordan Email List by the highest ranked countries including Australia, Russia and the U.S. This OMD performance reflects services and the agency’s proposals, which have enabled the network to help its clients protect and, in many cases, grow their businesses amid unprecedented economic disruption and market Jordan Email List volatility. After a strong performance of results in the second and third quarters across the region, OMD regains the first position in the EMEA ranking.

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