Eitor’s introduction: The sense of ritual, as an expression form of experience dsign to convey values. Is realize by the user in the experience. Canada Phone Number process by the product function – interactive operation. The establishment of experience psychological changes Forming the establishment of values, is to bring users a higher level. enjoyment. The author of this article shares his insights with us through the experience of investigating. Keep’s ritual dsign during his. Internship in Futu. 1. What is ceremonial design? 1. A sense of ritual The definition Canada Phone Number excerpted from Baidu is this: “It is the process of treating every ordinary little thing in life with a serious attitude.

What Is Ceremonial Design? Canada Phone Number

or “well-designed and completed” of a certain thing with a solemn mood. The sense of ritual is The most direct way for people to express their Canada Phone Number inner feelings, the sense of ritual is everywhere .” The discussion of ritual in The Little Prince goes like this: “Ritual is something that is often forgotten. It makes one day different from other days, and one moment from other moments. These two have already explaine the sense of ceremony very clearly. In fact There is a sense of ceremony everywher And it can be said that there is no sense of ceremony. Canada Phone Number For example: marriage, Spring Festival, flag raising, we Chaoshan people drinking tea, these are very good A ceremonial thing.

Ceremony Design Canada Phone Number

Canada Phone Number

Ceremony design Users will also have a lot of ceremonial moments in the process of using the product . Design the user experience in  Canada Phone Number the corresponding scene. iming to arouse the user’s sense of ritual and generate emotional resonance. Example: When NetEase Cloud Music plays a song, there will be a design for playing records. When the glory of the king is promoted to the big rank. the animation of the rank upgrade is also very ceremonial (the animation cannot be found. And the pictures are use instead). Graphical gaps between rank and rank, Canada Phone Number display rankings, etc… These are all designs that enhance the user’s sense of achievement: 3. What are the benefits of ritual design? Satisfy the user ‘s self-needs and respect needs (Maslow’s theory of needs); Make the product experience closer to life.



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