“Why do you say your plan is effective?”

“Do you think there is any objective basis for talking about it?”

Do you really want to throw out data analysis with reason?

Row! Then today I will introduce the data analysis ideas of design and add 10 points of persuasion to your plan!

 Why does design need data analysis? Is the report given by the product unusable?

Who doesn’t want to fish? Can really not use it!

The data reports of products or operations are mostly based on the scope that can be affected by the industry, to analyze the impact of product strategies, channel delivery, and operation methods on the overall market. The data Saudi Arabia Mobile Number given is either not very relevant to the design, such as the input-output ratio of the channel, or it is more inclined to the overall effect, and it is impossible to explore the role of the design scheme, such as the number of participants, overall retention, etc. With such data, it is impossible to demonstrate the influence of the design scheme, and it is impossible to form an effective precipitation.

So, data analysis, you still have to do it yourself!

Is this called “designing data analysis”?

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If you know which designs will affect the final data indicators, know how to disassemble them into small indicators that match the design, and can see problems or opportunities through data, then this is called data analysis by design.

To put it simply, if you have been troubled by the following problems, then the following content should be read carefully~

  1. I’m designing based on product goals, but I can’t prove how the solution affects the Saudi Arabia Mobile Number overall metrics?
  2. Received the data graph but can’t see how this has anything to do with my design?
  3. A set of multi-dimensional data is obtained, but how can the conclusion be only compared to the size?

This article will follow the three steps of data analysis “disassembly – burying – analysis”, and explain and discuss cases from the perspective of design.

Step1: Data splitting

Question: I’m designing based on product goals, but I can’t prove how the solution affects the overall metrics?

Diagnosis: Don’t know how to verify other than the overall goal. It belongs to the problem of data splitting.

1. How to dismantle?

Splitting data is a process of large and small. The purpose is to split the end point data into process data and detail data. The following are two basic splitting ideas:

1) Composition method

[Scope of application] Data composed of multi-dimensional parallel influencing factors, usually with fixed formulas, belong to this category.

[Case] ​​GMV of total commodity transaction, LTV of user lifetime value, etc.

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