customer. They are the lifeblood of any business, and today they are calling the shots in brand relationships like never before. Sometimes the entire internet can seem like one big customer community, where opinions about a product or experience can make or break your brand in a nanosecond. This is a big Investors Email Lists management. But wait. Far from losing all control over the customer/brand relationship, you can correct the balance of power…and community management is the way to go. Of course, we’re not suggesting that you try to regulate the internet (no matter how much Trump seems to try). We recommend that you build and manage your own online community of customers, brand advocates, fans or followers.

What Binds Your Followers Together?

If you’ve been listening to your audience, where they hang out online, researching not just who they are, but their motivations, influences, and interests, you’ll know what they care about most and in what situations there’s noise. If you haven’t heard and don’t know these things, find out. quickly. This insight is the foundation that should  and product Investors Email Lists make. From there, you’ll discover what binds them together – what makes them a community. From here, building a formal online community is just one small step – community management is all about providing a place for members to interact and share ideas, experiences, passions…

Why Is Community Management Important?


To help you on your way to a successful community management program, we’ve put together seven dos and don’ts that we believe are absolutely necessary. So here it is: As mentioned above, your community needs to be a place your audience Investors Email Lists you need to be clear about what your value proposition is. What’s in it for them? Will they get exclusive content, deals and experiences there? Is there somewhere they can learn more about a specific event or topic?

2. Clarify What the Community Stands for

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Develop community policies. In each community management plan, it is in the host’s interest to shape its culture. This is how you can keep your community inclusive, safe, and always useful. Set the tone early and let members opt-in to your community rules Investors Email Lists The vast majority of people will pay attention to your policies and will follow the tone you set. But when you come across some people who don’t, at least you have policies in place to deal with them.

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