We completed the session with a Belarus WhatsApp Number List brief finding. Representatives from each team listed their proposed clusters and shared. The most exciting observations or impressions.

In 1994, neurolinguistic programming expert Robert Dilts discovered and imitated Walt Disney’s creative approach. Here is an overview:

As a result, innovative ideas are mired in skepticism and fear.

In this type of brainstorming, the facilitator’s goal is to prevent participants from confusing roles and stifling creativity. We help teams gain insight into emotions and extract pure personas through open-ended questions and introductory explanations on slides.

Walt Disney’s creative strategy

In the same fashion/way, was invoked after the original mindset. Of the famous animator and filmmaker Walt Disney.

in the same fashion/way

first, second, third

in the light of

not to mention

Disney didn’t use any “technology.  His creative process was Belarus WhatsApp Number List intuitive and productive. Neurolinguistic programming expert Robert Dilts later discovered. This creative expertise based on the memories of his Disney colleagues. Although the original Dilts concept was designed for individual use.  We managed to turn it into a group format.

Disney’s strategy works because of the strict separation of the three roles — dreamer, realist, critic. People are used to mixing these roles while thinking about the future, which is why they often fail.

“Let’s do X, but it’s too expensive. Risk…maybe later…” This is the dream of ordinary people.


Belarus WhatsApp Number List
Belarus WhatsApp Number List

Educational Session on Brainstorming for Projector Design School:

1. Slides with step-by-step instructions.

2. Standalone timer or laptop with online timer in full screen mode.

3. Standard or large yellow sticky notes (1-2 packs per group of 5-8 people).

4. Small red sticky notes (1-2 packs per team).

5. Vote for the smallest sticky streak or sticky spot (1 pack per team).

6. in the light of whiteboard or flipchart or large sheet of paper on the table or wall.

7. A black marker for each participant (if you choose this surface, the marker should be whiteboard safe).

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