A 2017 report by the American Arbitration Association showed that resolution times in health care cases were resolved in a shorter time with arbitration than with U.S. District Courts.6Cost of the Process The costs for the arbitration process are limited to the fee of the Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List arbitrator (depending on the size of the claim, expertise of the arbitrator, and expenses), and attorney fees. You may also have to pay the cost of the location for the arbitration .Costs for litigation include attorney fees, pre-trial costs for depositions and interrogatories, records searches, and court costs, which Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List can be very high.7Use of Attorneys Attorneys may represent the parties in an arbitration, but their role is limited. In civil litigation, attorneys spend much time gathering evidence, making motions, and presenting their cases.

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It’s up to you whether you think you need an attorney for arbitration, and it depends on the situation. If you handle your own arbitration it’s called “pro se,” meaning “by yourself.” The American Arbitration Association says that while attorneys aren’t required, “arbitration is a final, legally-binding process that may impact a party’s rights” so the parties involved may want to Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List consider consulting an attorney.8 Mandatory Arbitration Many contracts have a mandatory arbitration clause, which states that all disputes must be handled by arbitration. In most of these contracts, litigation is specifically Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List ruled out as a possibility. Arbitration clauses are common in real estate (landlord/tenant) contracts and in employment contracts.

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Some contracts which include mandatory arbitration also include a provision denying the right to form a class action lawsuit.Which Is Best for Your Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List Business? Since arbitration is mandatory in many business-to-business disputes, the choice may be out of your hands. If you have the choice, consider all the factors in determining whether to Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List go to arbitration in a specific case.

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